Replacing Ceiling Mounted Lights Can Easily Pay Off

By | June 11, 2018

Lamps always have their places, but permanently installed lighting fixtures often make even more sense. Ceiling Lighting of various kinds make homes more visually appealing while also serving important, practical purposes. A look at a couple of the most popular ceiling lights on the market at the moment will show there are some truly interesting options to look into.

Ceiling-Mounted Lighting Fixtures That Go Above and Beyond the Norms

Many homes are equipped with at least a couple of fairly simple, unremarkable, ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures. It can easily pay to replace one or more of these with products that have more to offer. Whether that means adding something of real visual interest to a room or contributing an entirely new type of practical functionality, ceiling light fixtures of appropriate kinds can make for truly rewarding upgrades. Some of the products currently on the market that most often stand out in such ways include:


Designers Fountain Modesto billiard light. The Art Nouveau design movement had a relatively short active lifetime, but its influence is still regularly felt today. Although the progenitors of that school moved on to other things well over a hundred years ago, many of their conclusions and achievements remain fresh in the minds of contemporary lighting designers. The Modesto billiard light by Designers Fountain has a playful but refined presence that will make it at home in many rooms. Incorporating one or a few Art Nouveau-inspired elements into a home’s design can be an excellent way to liven it up without making it feel too busy or overwrought.

Artcraft Lighting AC1798EB lighted pot rack. Many homeowners today spend more of their free time in the kitchen than just about anywhere else. Cooking, snacking, and talking after a long day of work often ends up being the perfect way to unwind. Many homes’ kitchens, on the other hand, can benefit from improved utilization of the available space. Like several of the company’s other products, the Artcraft Lighting AC1798EB pot rack is ready to have a number of cooking vessels hung from its sturdy, integrated hooks. At the same time, the fixture also provides ceiling lighting that will be perfect for the average kitchen.

Many More High-Quality Fixtures Ready to Be Installed

With these being only a couple of more popular ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures at the moment, there are hundreds of other products on the market to look into. In many cases, replacing a pedestrian lighting fixture with a more interesting or functional one will pay significant dividends.